We are a technology firm headquartered in New York and Virginia. Our enterprise solutions provide better business insights and innovative tools for collecting & reporting time.

Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of large enterprises; including secure interfaces and system integration options.
Deep(er) Insights
Collect more accurate and rich data by leveraging emerging technology to supplement a person's recall of how their time is spent.
Quick(er) Deployment
Our solution offers quick deployment of a complex, white-labeled, data reporting system which supports each organization's unique data collection and reporting requirements.
Real-Time Data Validation
Don’t spend countless hours collecting, validating, and reporting time & effort data. Validate data using YOUR unique business rules.

About the Founder

 Kishau Rogers is the founder of Time Study and a serial technology entrepreneur with over twenty-three years of software engineering experience, specializing in using computer science and systems thinking principles to influence how we develop, build, grow and mature great ideas.

Kishau is an award-winning entrepreneur and the recent recipient awards such as the NAWBO Wells Fargo STEM Award and the Lyn McDermid Community Impact award. She has been featured in national publications including the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, NFIB, and JavaWorld for her technical expertise and entrepreneurial ventures. She is a passionate leader with extensive experience in software engineering and leading software development projects that require deep understanding of critical business drivers. In 2016, Kishau formed the startup Time Study to support enterprises wrestling with the issue of managing time and effort data.

“Time Study is an enterprise software provider with a mission to leverage emerging technology to innovate time reporting and to offer better business insights. The depth of business insights that can be captured with timesheet data is limited by the data collection instrument, the complexity of business requirements and workflow, and the accuracy of human recall. Our mission is to help you innovate how you collect, report and understand how time is spent. Also, people hate time sheets.”

Kishau Rogers,
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