How Time Intelligence Works

By breaking down each aspect of the time study process into its most basic components, our platform provides five easy steps makes it easy to scale time studies with complex activities to thousands of physicians and employees across hospitals in the largest health systems managed by a lean yet powerful administrative team. All it takes is five easy steps and time study creation can decrease from months to hours of valuable time.

Our platform powers many time intelligence use cases.  The list keeps growing.  Below are popular ones.

Our Enterprise Solutions

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Case Study: Hospital System

Time Study offers a perfect solution to accurately identify fees paid on hospital cost reports as allowable Part A time and non-allowable Part B time. Using Time Study, you will be able to quickly complete your Medicare Cost Report, for any time period, without managing paper forms or spreadsheets.
University Hospital
Reimbursement Director
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The software allows us the flexibility to concentrate on other reimbursement matters while spending minimal time tracking and managing the time study data management and reporting process.
University hospital
Reimbursement Director