Time Study Enterprise Web for Healthcare Systems

Hospitals are required to collect periodic time studies for annual cost reports required & audited by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. Paper and spreadsheet solutions are often used due to the complex and varying data collection and reporting rules which are dependent on a facility's unique cost reporting requirements & the desired insights determined by key stakeholders.
Time Study Enterprise Web is a cost-effective, web-based software solution providing capabilities that meet government-mandated reporting requirements while also providing a more cost-effective workflow and the deeper insights desired by key stakeholders.



  • Centralize your Data : Enterprise Web is completely web-based, which allows administrators and end-users to submit their time data from any computer with an internet connection. The data is stored on a secure, dedicated data server that is accessible by authorized administrators.
  • Reduce Data Management Costs : User friendly data collection process allows health practitioners to easily submit their time and effort data from any PC with an internet connection.
  • Easier Cost Reporting : Standard reports offer the ability to quickly complete your Medicare Cost Report, for any time period, without hiring data entry staff to enter paper-based time studies or managing and maintaining multiple Excel spreadsheets.
  • Customized Time Study Forms : Standard features allows YOU to create & configure the digital time study forms that your end-users are required to submit.
  • Validate Data in Real-Time : Enable the system to validate data (in real-time) based on YOUR business rules to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Improve Compliance : The Enterprise Web notification engine improves compliance by communicating the necessary data submission requires to all active practitioners.


  • Reduced costs for manual data entry and data validation
  • Reduce data management costs for ensuring provide compliance
  • Reduce time spent generating cost reports
  • Increase time study submission compliance

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