Our enterprise SaaS solutions for hospital data management provide better business insights and innovative tools for collecting & reporting time.

Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of large enterprises; including secure interfaces and system integration options.
Deep(er) Insights
Collect more accurate and rich data by leveraging emerging technology to supplement a person's recall of how their time is spent.
Quick(er) Deployment
Our solution offers quick deployment of a complex, white-labeled, data reporting system which supports each organization's unique data collection and reporting requirements.
Real-Time Data Validation
Don’t spend countless hours collecting, validating, and reporting time & effort data. Validate data using YOUR unique business rules.
Web SaaS
Enterprise Web
Web-based software system
Collect, manage & report time data online
  • Licensing
  • White label
  • Secure hosting
  • Real-time validation
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Forms
  • Enterprise Integration & Authentication
  • Technical Support
Data Add-On
Data Insights
Generate advanced data insights
Generate deeper insights and custom reports.
  • Add-on Licensing (Enterprise Web)
  • White label
  • Secure hosting
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Custom Data Insights
  • Enterprise Integration & Authentication
  • Technical Support
Mobile App
Mobile application for phones & tablets
Submit accurate time reports while on the go.
  • Standalone Licensing (per user)
  • Real-time validation
  • Central data storage
  • Enterprise Integration & Authentication
  • Technical Support