Time Study Enterprise Web for Healthcare Systems

Time Study Enterprise Web for Healthcare Systems

Case Study — October 11, 2017

Health Systems are a popular use case for time intelligence.  Below are actions and results from an implementation with a University Hospital system.


  • Centralize your Data : Enterprise Web is completely web-based, which allows administrators and end-users to submit their time data from any computer with an internet connection. The data is stored on a secure, dedicated data server that is accessible by authorized administrators.
  • Reduce Data Management Costs : User friendly data collection process allows health practitioners to easily submit their time and effort data from any PC with an internet connection.
  • Easier Cost Reporting : Standard reports offer the ability to quickly complete your Medicare Cost Report, for any time period, without hiring data entry staff to enter paper-based time studies or managing and maintaining multiple Excel spreadsheets.
  • Customized Time Study Forms : Standard features allows YOU to create & configure the digital time study forms that your end-users are required to submit.
  • Validate Data in Real-Time : Enable the system to validate data (in real-time) based on YOUR business rules to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Improve Compliance : The Enterprise Web notification engine improves compliance by communicating the necessary data submission requires to all active practitioners.


  • Reduced costs for manual data entry and data validation
  • Reduce data management costs for ensuring provide compliance
  • Reduce time spent generating cost reports
  • Increase time study submission compliance

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