Our enterprise solutions provide better business insights and innovative tools for collecting & reporting time.

Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of large enterprises; including secure interfaces and system integration options.
Deep(er) Insights
Collect more accurate and rich data by leveraging emerging technology to supplement a person's recall of how their time is spent.
Quick(er) Deployment
Our solution offers quick deployment of a complex, white-labeled, data reporting system which supports each organization's unique data collection and reporting requirements.
Real-Time Data Validation
Don’t spend countless hours collecting, validating, and reporting time & effort data. Validate data using YOUR unique business rules.

Timesheets are an unreliable burden.

 Time Study is an enterprise software provider leveraging emerging technology to innovate time reporting and to offer better business insights. The depth of business insights that can be captured with timesheet data is limited by the data collection instrument, the complexity of business requirements and workflow, and the accuracy of human recall. Our mission is to help you innovate how you collect, report and understand how time is spent. Also, people hate time sheets.

Kishau Rogers,

Our enterprise solutions

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Featured Case Study:
Time Study for Healthcare Systems

Time Study offers a perfect solution for accurately identify the fees paid on hospital cost reports as allowable Part A time and non-allowable Part B time. Using Time Study, you will be able to quickly complete your Medicare Cost Report, for any time period, without managing paper forms or spreadsheets.

Latest updates:
Time Study awarded Microsoft Sponsorship

Time Study was selected by Microsoft for its BizSpark Plus program, designated for start-ups considered to have high growth potential in their markets. This award includes $120,000 of Azure cloud services, technical support and other services that will allow the company to scale in a reliable, bullet-proof environment.


clients prove our professionalism

We were looking for a software package that could manage our physician quarterly time study process as well as provide ad hoc reporting tools The time study software [provides] us with an automated process to completing and tracking the quarterly time study process. The software allows us the flexibility to concentrate on other reimbursement matters while spending minimal time tracking and managing the time study data management and reporting process.
University hospital
Reimbursement Director
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